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Industry Organizations:

NJ Ad Club: 

Spark Design Professionals:


Design & Branding:

Digital Synopsis:
Pretty wide range of design, advertising and creative inspiration. There’s a pretty comprehensive logo section that talks about typography, design, and trends

Creative Market Blogs:
– related site (Dribble):
Two great resources for social templates and design ideas.

Brand Palettes:
Encyclopedia of brand colors – site gives color codes for logos and brand assets.



Webby Awards:


Adland TV:


Advertising & Marketing:

Ads of the World:
Award winning ads from all over the world. Searchable by region, industry and medium.

CMYK Magazine:
– Not sure if the Online version is still up and running but CMYK used to publish really creative student portfolios. The link above is to a couple of free issues that are on Issuu.

Communication Arts:
Design, Advertising, Illustration, Photography, Type
There’s a student subscription price but the main website offers tons of free content.

They have a student subscription rate of $6 a month , but they still post a lot of free articles on their homepage.


Additional Reading:

1+1=3 by Dave Trott

Creative Blindness and how to cure it by Dave Trott

Hey Whipple, Squeeze This by Luke Sullivan and Edward Boches

Advertising Concept & Copy by George Felton

The Idea Industry: How to Crack the Advertising Career Code by Brett Robbs
Ogilvy on Advertising by David Ogilvy

Cutting Edge Advertising, How to Create the World’s Best for Brands in the 21st Century by Jim Aitchison and Neil French

The Advertising Concept Book by Pete Barry

The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More by Chris Anderson

The Copy Book: How Some of the Best Advertising Writers in the World Write Their Advertising by D&AD

A Whack On The Side Of The Head: How You Can Be More Creative by Roger von Oech



Yeah, That’s Probably An Ad (goes over news, ads of the week, and has a big discussion topic every week.)

The A-List Podcast (The A List interviews CD’s and how they got started in the business)

Adlandia (frequently features guests to talk about various topics)

Disruptor Series by TBWA

DGMS – Don’t Get Me Started by Creative Circus (talks to general creatives across the industry about, just about anything and everything on their mind)


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