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Design & Branding:

Digital Synopsis:
Pretty wide range of design, advertising and creative inspiration. There’s a pretty comprehensive logo section that talks about typography, design, and trends

Creative Market Blogs:
– related site (Dribble):
Two great resources for social templates and design ideas.

Brand Palettes:
Encyclopedia of brand colors – site gives color codes for logos and brand assets.

Advertising & Marketing:

Ads of the World:
Award winning ads from all over the world. Searchable by region, industry and medium.

CMYK Magazine:
– Not sure if the Online version is still up and running but CMYK used to publish really creative student portfolios. The link above is to a couple of free issues that are on Issuu.

Communication Arts:
Design, Advertising, Illustration, Photography, Type
There’s a student subscription price but the main website offers tons of free content.

They have a student subscription rate of $6 a month , but they still post a lot of free articles on their homepage.


Jasper – previously known as Jarvis:
*Not sure how well it works, but Jasper is an AI content writer. They used to have a free version but I think they only offer paid subscriptions now.

Additional Reading:

I mentioned some books on Monday, but here’s a pretty comprehensive list now that I have more time to think about it…

Hey Whipple, Squeeze This
Advertising Concept & Copy
The Idea Industry: How to Crack the Advertising Career Code
Ogilvy on Advertising
Cutting Edge Advertising
The Advertising Concept Book
The Long Tail
D&AD’s The Copy Book
A Whack On The Side Of The Head: How You Can Be More Creative


Yeah, That’s Probably An Ad (goes over news, ads of the week, and has a big discussion topic every week.)
The A-List Podcast (The A List interviews CD’s and how they got started in the business)
Adlandia (frequently features guests to talk about various topics)
Disruptor Series by TBWA
DGMS – Don’t Get Me Started by Creative Circus (talks to general creatives across the industry about, just about anything and everything on their mind)

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